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10-6-08 - Winners don't get caught

Back from the con, it was a time. I took some pictures and will soon be putting them up in my new section, accessible through the News section, called the Photo Dump. I'll also be posting images from the Misfit Heights shoot and other places, as well as many of the props I've created.

9-29-08 - On the road again...

Fallcon begins on the 4th , and I'm in the process of finishing up a few last minute prints for the show, which I'll be posting soon. If any of you are in the Twin city area, please check me out at the con.

In other news, filming on the movie “Misfit Heights” has finally wrapped up, so I'll hopefully be able to dedicate more time to the website. I'll also soon be posting some of the material created for the movie as well as behind the scenes photographs.

9-5-08 - So I lied, It's happened before

It seems like all I do is apologize to you all. There was a slight confusion regarding the registration of BadInfluenceMan.com. It's all been fixed now, so if you want to take the time to check out a somewhat pointless redirect site that will take you back here, than rock and roll Grandma!

Also, Fallcon in Minnesota is in four weeks, so I hope to see you all soon!

8-11-08 - So I updated late, what's the worst that could happen?...

Boy, It seems like every time I talk to you net heads I find myself apologizing for some kind of flub up. Well, the way I figure it why should you guys have it better than friends and family? Sorry about the missed update.

On some good new, I've been accepted to exhibit again at this year's Fallcon in Minnesota, so I hope if any of you are in the area on October 4 th or 5 th I hope you'll stop by my table.

Also I've established a mirror site for the Bad Influence Man show. It's basically just a re-direct site, but if you're curious check it out here at www.BadInfluenceMan.com/

7-15-08 - I was a hobo, but then puppets murdered me

Sorry about missing the last couple of updates, but I'd forgotten my computer at the set of my friends' movie “Misfit Heights” and was just able to retrieve it last night.

In related news, I've got a cameo in “Misfit Heights.” I play a drunk, homeless guy who is run down during a particularly touching musical number. I really can't say much more than that for now (honestly, I may have already said too much), but as the movie nears its completion and release date I'll be posting more information on it, as well as pieces I've done for it and perhaps even some minor spoilers. Hang in there true believers.

A big bit of news: I'm (hopefully) going to be selling at the 2008 Milwaukee Zine Fest this Saturday. If you're near the UW Milwaukee campus this week-end you should swing by and check out the scene.

5-23-08 - Archive Update

I re-worked the Bad Influence Man archives to hopefully make them more navigable. Comics are now organized in pages according to story groupings. I hope it's helpful.

5-16-08 - Testify!

Good news folks, The Bad Influence Man Show is returning to a twice a week update. Thank you for your eternal patience. Updates will be on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Lot of swearing on this site lately... wow...

4-28-08 - Big ass news!

This just in, I'm going to be at Oconocon this Sunday. If you're in the Wisconsin area, swing by and give me some money, ya'all! For more information, check this.

4/18/08 - When God gives you Lemons, you throw lemons

When it rains, it snows! My damaged hard drive was reported to be beyond repair, so I'm afraid it'll still be a few weeks before I can return to twice a week updates. So if I don't kill myself in the next few days things will slowly begin to come back to normal status. I'll keep you posted.

4/8/08 - Bad Times! Cats and Dogs living together… in Sin!

Crude yes, but quite to the point of the matter

So as you know, I missed my last update. While this is a grave sin for those of the web I have a really, REALLY good reason for doing so. On Friday I had a huge critical error as well as an incident that destroyed my main drive. Though I have back-ups, they are woefully out of date. While I wait for the two weeks for the diagnosis from the super recovery people to see if I have to perform a ritualized form of suicide, the site is going temporary life support, meaning there will only be one update a week. This will only go on for three weeks at most, so please be patient. Sorry for the inconvenience.

PS: Please forgive any missing image icons from the main page, I'm still having computer problems and I can't quite seem to get some of them to work right. The images are still accessable from the other pages

3/7/08 - AAAAGGH!!! Why does life f*ck my not f*ck place so much!?!!

OK!… sorry about the vomit mouth, but here's the deal with my frustration. I just found out that the Webcomic list ranks on an equation of visits versus update. By doubling the number of updates per week (to two), I've now taken a substantial dive in my rating. DAMN YOU MEANINGLESS NUMBER, VALIDATE MY EXISTANCE!!! So anyway, if you notice a serious dip in my rating for a while it's not because I deeply offended the Internet in one fell swoop, but instead that I messed up by being a better showman… sorry…

BTW: updates will most likely be posted on Tuesdays and Fridays, or somewhen like that, whatever.


3/4/08 - Take that, Hippie!

No real news to report. I'm hopefully going to be able to post a list of conventions I'll be likely attending in the upcoming months, so stay tuned for that.

2/18/08 - One in a million means you've still got about 16,000+ peers, but I guess you gotta start somewhere

So I signed the Bad Influence Man Show up on The Webcomic List awhile back, and all things considered I guess I'm ranking all right. I'm going to post the link up so if you guys'd like to check they're site out you can.

The Webcomic List

On a side note some friends of mine suggested that I start using this section of the site as a kind of Blog. I'm not much on blogs myself (probably the only one of my generation), but I'll give it a try.

2/5/08 - There is no pain you are recieving...

When it comes to life and people, I am a great Monday morning quarterback. The unfortunate thing about this is that Monday so often comes after Sunday.

On a happier note, I'm writing this after finishing my vacation, and I have to say it was one of the most relaxing times I've had in the past half decade. During this time I picked up and started reading “World War Z,” damn that's a well written and creepy book.

On to business. I'm starting to post a bunch of my old sketches up on the site in a new gallery, so check ‘em out here.

1/15/08 - Somethin' funny going on here…

The damn thing's finally done. My Muscles and Fights piece, The Legend of the Ergendwototenmacher is finally completed and off to the editor. I'm comming off of an insane week-end putting the polishing touches of this monstrosity, and now I'm basically fried… and not in the good way. I am happy to say that soon I should be able to increase the frequency of my BIM postings.

I don't really know what else to talk about, I really haven't done much else as of late… Watched a lot of movies… that's kinda like having a life, right?

Oh, I went to a Russian New Years party where I got way too drunk way too quick on not near enough alcomahol, fell asleep in my cousin's room, and was awoke by two people sloppy humping right next to me… It was the closest to getting some that I've been in a long time…

…Damn it, Now I'm depressed again! Thanks a lot Internet!!!

12/11/07– Live to Win

Over the next few weeks I'll be posting some preview images from my much vaulted (and much time consuming) Muscles and Fights piece, currently going under the title of The Legend of the Ergendwototenmacher. (Err-ghen-vogh-toe-ten-mach-err) or translated as "The Everywhere kill maker". So keep your eyes open.

11/26/07– In all my photogenic gory (Photo Link)

Well, at long last I have them up, or at least the ones that look even halfway decent (emphasis on the halfway). For those of you who may have forgotten, these were taken when I was at Fallcon in early October. For some reason most of the pictures made my face look like it was melting (even this one kinda does), so I sorta trimmed the images down to these two. I assure you, I look slightly better in real life.

I just don't photograph well, I think it has to do with that time in the Amazon when I was bitten by a vampire bat…


11/19/07– Bad habits die hard

As many of you know and few of you really care, last month I ended up falling back into the trap of card games. One of the bad habits that results from this already bad habit is that I like to make custom cards. After falling off the rocker for a few days and making about 100 cards, I figured I should do something with them, so every so often I figured I'd throw some up on a side site.

Is it filler? Yes, but fear not, I have something really special on the way, stay tuned.

PS: sorry about those con pics still not being posted, hope to have them up soon.

11/2/07– I was saying Boo-urns!

If you're seeing this, then my site is back up to normal operations. There was a slight problem with the server (my check didn't clear in time), but everything's ok now. Sorry I don't have those convention pictures yet, hopefully soon.

10/15/07– I came, I saw, I bought some Star Trek cards

I've just returned from Fallcon (Actually, it was the week-end before last, but I've been pretty sick). It was quite the event, and while I didn't gross in the triple digits, I did meet a lot of individuals in the industry. The really big news from the con is that I got a place in the upcoming anthology book Muscles and Fights 3. If you want more information click here.

I should have some pictures up by next week.


9/7/07 – Sport'in a Chubby (links fixed)

Just got done with jury duty, which ended up being shorter much less painful than I thought it would be (excluding the Kate Winslet movie they were playing in the waiting room… ouch!). Right now I'm watching “Matango,” which is a weird Giant mushroom monster movie from the golden age of the TOHO giant creature flicks, it's quite abit of old school retro fun.

Speaking of interesting and/or sometimes painful viewing, I've been surfing the net and compiling quite a collection of crazy clips. If anyone's interested, check out the avatar “BadInfluenceMan” at YouTube.com

Still getting geared up for FallCon, which is looking like it's either going to be my bay of pigs or my pigs in space, it should be something memorable either way. To check out the convention's main site, click here

7/14/07 - Rock and Roll!

Here we are at BIM 100! I was going to put a kick-ass BIM picture I'm currently working on in between other projects, but well… I didn't get it done, so here's a picture of a Robot driving a car, Enjoy!

Sorry about the scant-ness of the updates. I've been putting a lot of work towards getting prints put together for sale at FallCon. I'll soon have several images to post, hang in there ‘til then. Frink out!

7/02/07 - "Hoar" for controversy

Here's the deal, alot of people (like almost 5) have complained to me that they don't appreciate my trendy (wrong) spelling of “Whore” on my “Culture Hoar” logo. So I figure it put this controversy to the people to decide which they like better. Chime in at my DeviantArt site and tell me what you think. (PS: the vote is just over the spelling, and not about the line quality difference, that's going to be adjusted later)

Also, I've been getting a lot of flack about not keeping this semi-blog-ish thing more like an actual blog. So in the interests of the bitchers, here is my attempt to be MySpace-erific…

"Today it rained… Uuuggghh… it reminds me of Prague out here. How depressing and cool… Uuuuggghh… People are like so stupid around here that I, like, can't even believe it. I wrote a bunch of dumb-ass goth poetry about a black rose that bleed after it slit its wrists… Uuuugggghhhh… "

There, now that I've driven away the majority of my fan base (like almost 5), I put this update to bed, later all.

6/26/07 - Damn you, not Hollywood

Our national nightmare is dead… long live our national nightmare. The good news is is that my internet at home is finally sorta working, which means I should be quicker with the updates, unfortunately I'm a lazy bastard so it probably ain't gonna happen.


5/26/07 - Worldz of Payne

Hey all ya all, It's been a long time since I updated this psudo-blog so here we are. Been really working my ass off trying to put together a collection of prints for sale at upcoming conventions. I'll be posting them soon.

Also, we're nearing the 100 th strip of the Bad Influence Man show (good god, 100 already), so stay posted for a special BIM strip.

3/22/07 – Errors in the system are probably nothing to worry about

Just a small update. There was a small error the other day where some Bad Influence man episodes were placed in the wrong order. This problem has been rectified, so if there's any confusion about the current story thus far, just re-check the last two pages. Choe!

2/11/07 - Wide world of Borts!

Just posting this update to assure everyone that I am not, in fact, dead… Unless I have died sometime after posting this but before you had a chance to read it … in which case I am dead… Hope that clarifies things

1/7/07 - Conspiracy Theories Ahoy!

Alright, enough soap-boxing, on to the meat and beans of the update. First off I'd like to say that i've re-launched my blog off of my Deviant art site, and I'll try to keep up with that one. Another set of pages have been posted for The Guardian, hope it doesn't make you vomit.

12/12/06 - And the Crowd Goes wild!...

That's right folks, One year ago today Fever Dream Studios launched, giving the net yet another portal to access lewd humor and questionable art... truly good has been done. There'll be some changes comming to the site soon, including hopefully a store, so stay tuned for that.

In other news, I just found out recently that one of my old animated pieces was used in a television commercial by my old Alma Mater UW Parkside to advertize their arts program. Because of this I've decided to upload sections of my old animated works to this site. They should be up sometime next year.

11/30/06 - Dig in...

I fixed my e-mail, so now if any of you wish to get in contact with me, that's a good start. In other news, i'm in the process of putting together a Deviant Art site, so if you want to go to another place to see the same art as you've already seen here, go nuts. I'm listed as GK3.

11/08/06 - Corruption of the innocents

Just putting up this bulletin to inform my many regular patrons (hey, we all delude ourselves in our own way) that there was recently a mix-up with the Bad Influence Man Show episode listings. This error has been corrected, but please check here to be sure you didn't miss any Hilarious strips… or just blow it off, whatever.

10/31/06 - Treats for trix, yo!

Thanks for being so patient through this dark era of infrequent updates. As a gift for all you wornderful little freaks and freakets (the freakets by the way being a band from the 50's) I present to you the second batch of Guardian pages. Enjoy!..... Do it damnit!

10/03/06 - Closed for bad behavior

Sorry for the scarcity of updates lately, but my syphilitic whore of a computer is down with the flu, and as such my updates will be a little sparatic for the next few weeks. Please be patient, for soon we'll be back up and running, working to fulfill our mission statement of filling every last megabyte of the net with moronic filth.

9/11/06 - Keep circulating the tapes!

This week we're debuting a new feature called “Land of Misfit Toys,” which can be found in the General gallery. We've also updated the news archives for all you history buffs. Enjoy.

8/21/06 - Night... Wolves... Moon... SHOES...

Not a hellavalotta news to report on. I have a few new features on the way that I think you're all gonna love like stinky grandma, as well as more Guardian on the way, so stay... well, I guess just stay... Oh, and for fugs sake, get more people to come to this site, because only if you clap really hard can Tinkerbell not get sick of this and pull the plug.

7/26/06 - The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn't exist. Well I believe the devil exists, and the only thing that scares me is Wolfen!

Hey everyone, hope you ain't dead. Not too much to report with this update, except for that fact that I'm going to be at Wizard World in Chicago coming up in a few weeks. I'll be the one wearing either the Guardian shirt or the Bastard Satellite shirt (my original site). If you want too come up and say hi, just remember that at cons I get kind of skittish (too much stimuli, must flee back to under my bridge), but regardless I'd love to hear from all five of you.

7/12/06 - It's Alive!

The day has come! Future generations may well look back upon this day and damn me, but no matter, for by hook or by crook I present the first pages of the series I'm sure will change your life forever... or not, whatever. Without further adiue, I give you the first installment of The Guardian

7/4/06 - Happy freedom day, Foolz! HA HA hA Ha!!!

I have some goodies for everyone in this huge update.Besides the standard update of The Bad Influence Man Show, I'm also finishing off the Mermaid Tears saga with a two page finally AND a new B*llshit or Reel.

In other news, next week is going to be one huge post, as I present the first batch of Guardian pages. Stay Tuned.

6/6/06 - He's a Demon, and he's gonna be chas'n after someone

S'up, I've installed some shiny new features in my modest little website, the biggest of these is that I now have E-mail up (though it may be down). So if anybody feels like speaking at me now's the time, because dollars to doughnuts I'll soon be re-thinking this posting after my mailbox is drowned in mortgage ads and petitions to modify my member.


5/31/06 - Voices from the edge

Greetings, new believers. More updates are on the way, including a way to contact me via e-mail ('bout time, hu?), some store stuff, and finally the premere of The Guardian. Stay Tuned

5/14/06 - A hard reign's agonna come...

Fever Dream Studios would like to present a new feature, simply called "Bullsh*t or Reel?" , which can be accessed through the general Gallery. I've also just uploaded some more anime art to the Girls and Monsters gallery.

More clean-ups and fixes on the way, now go hug your mothers for crap's sake, I mean come on!


4/24/06 - Steady as she goes...

It's been almost a month, and for the most part i'm getting in the swing of this update thing that the kids seem to like. As a new feature to the site, I'll be posting pages of my forementioned TokyoPop submission. Look for it to be updated along with the Bad Influence Man strips.

Also, many of the dead-end links are in the process of being fixed, so for the three of you who actually frequent this site... be warned!...

3/31/06 - I Live!...Though don't quote me on that...

Well, when life gives you poop....make poop-aid.

Quite alot's happened in the last few months, most of it lousy, but hopefully I'm not over playing my hand by saying that THIS TIME updates should become more regular

Some Bad news/Good news: Bad news is that TokyoPop didn't choose my submission for their upcomming "Rising Stars of Manga" competition, the good news (for you guys, anyway) is that I'll soon be putting the comic online.

Also, you may be interested to know that I've updated my commission gallery. Enjoy

1/03/06 - Happy Not Cerial Day!

Well 2006 is here, and so far it's been a rather damp year. That pesky TokyoPop Rising Stars submission is done, so now I can get back to focusing on what's really important... self-gratification

Well, atleast the comic strip postings should regulate out abit. Updates will be twice a week, usually on Tuesdays and Fridays.

12/23/05 - Happy Cerial Day!

Oh, traditionalist hu? Well, then enjoy whatever celebration you usually partake in during these comming or recently past weeks. Updates have been alittle slow (still getting used to the rigorous task of maintaining a website, but hopefully they'll be more regualr soon).

Also, I'm putting together a piece for the "Rising stars of manga" competition put on by Tokyopop .The piece is called Mermaid Tears, and I'm sure you'll hear about it from me abunch in the upcomming months, the self-promoting whore that I am >^-^<

12/12/05 - Grand Theft Opening

Hey Everybody, and welcome to my new site! If your reading this that means your either one of my buddies or your quest for porn has taken an unfortunate turn (Damn Google), but fear not fellow pervs, for you know it could have ended worse.... creepy worse.

Anyway, about the site. This is where I post my various projects, rant in "crazy bus stop man" fashon about nothing, and try to shill my talents and wares for cash and prizes, Oh Yeah!

So please feel free to look around. Don't forget to check out my comic strip "The Bad Influence Man Show" (updated weekly (knock on wood)), as well as my graphic novel "The Guardian" (updated less often) and my other works (updated... well, I'm sure they'll be updated at some point). ENJOY!






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