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Comics worth note (friends of the site)
Urban horror mystery crime Manga. Detective team investigating a series of grizzly murders find themselves slowly falling into a dark web of syndicated crime and supernatural intrigue. This work is a love letter to the City of Chicgo; Highly recommended!
Homesite of Soul Chaser Betty, an action drama amerimanga reminiscent of 80's era Anime. Also hosts a great anime gallery.
After Lindsey Buckner's brutal murder, she finds herself a ghost trapped within a school and embroiled in a supernatural nightmare. Eternally trapped in a school… I guess kids can go to hell.
Zombie Hood
Follow the Adventures of Ian Corrao and Justin DuPont as they deal with the ongoing zombie outbreak we're suffering in the West Allis area in the only logical way... by playing alot of Halo
follow the adventures of a boy, a girl, her goth love slave, and their kick-ass band. Lots of fun. Also check out his blog at
Artists too cool for school (more friends of the site and some that are not)
CubeCrazy2's art has a whimsical quality that can be both sweet and manic. His works have a Domokun / Japanese cartoon quality (Hello Kitty) with a small pinch of Superflat for flavor… or I might be full of it, ENJOY!
Other grand sites (Yet even more friends… damn I'm popular)
The Mathew Haeffel Band
A kick-ass Milwaukee based band that's a little bit Acid Blues, a little bit Jack Johnson, a pinch of Stevie Ray, and a bunch of I don't know what, but I like it.
The Cyborg Trucker Blog
Blog featuring custom built gaming miniatures and other little jewels.
Web Comics Communities (friends to no one ;9 )
The Essentials (Not really friends of the site, but maybe someday…)

The Flash (non) adventures of The Homestar Runner, Strongbad, and their dysfunctional neighbors. Comedy, All ages

(mostly) Stand alone adventures of selfish mad scientist and his conflicts ranging from extra-dimensional Robots to hipster. Teen
Day to day craziness of employees at a gaming magazine. Mostly Safe for all ages.
Ongoing Comedy/Drama of two American students adrift in an anime-inspired Tokyo.
Joke Newspaper/news network (think dirty Dailyshow). Not completely work safe.

Crazy off color humor site. Not safe for anyone, but damn funny

Multi-styled comic anthology in vain of Farside (but slightly dirtier). Not safe for kids.
Popular review site for lousy B movies. Huge library of reviews and clips. Mostly safe

Kaja and Phil Foglio's most recent comic excursion. High victorian science fun.

Review sites for all things vintage 80's children's entertainment. Almost kitsch

Community created video joke content, quality varies. Not safe for work.
News archiving site, hundreds of links daily
Comic that smartly parody's gaming trends and current pop culture. Not safe at times.
Home of 8-bit Theatre, the omedic dramatization of the story behind the original Final Fantasy game. Sprite comic.
Now defunk site, everything from comparison reviews of just about everything, to crazy flash movies, to bizarre name guessing games (Jasmine, My little pony or Porn star name?)
Ultimate site for user made Flash movies and games, some content not safe for work (or maybe home, yikes!)
Adventures in attempted womanizing and beer runs, full of pervert aliens and beer dwelling fish.
Yeah, we've all been there, but what the hey? Great place to find lots of old movie/TV clips, as well as original shows.


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