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Bad convinces Jenny to pretend to be his wife for a visit to see his father. You may remember this plot from every clichéd sit-com everů enjoy!
Is the bra a message from god?
348 - 360
Our "loving" spoof of an unnamed classic action show
339 - 347
Crazy, random things start happening across the Earth...
more so than usual, and only one man can save the world, believe it or not... I choose not.
300 - 338
The dark, downward spiral into a nightmarish noir world which is the
only plausible result of accidentally bringing a pen home from work.
270 - 299
What does Bad do when a demon who kills people in their dreams comes after him? You'll probably find out if you read this story.
247 - 269
Barno learns of the love of a pet, Bad learns of what happens when
the Abyss stares back.
224 - 246
Bad is taught the true meaning of Christmas... putting up with other people's crap.
215 - 223
Bad eats poison, Bad develops psychic powers, Bad discovers that
puppets are evil, hilarity ensues.
193 - 214
The robot Arm is back, and ready to hatch the most diabolical revenge ever conceived by a car building hydraulic aperture.
181 - 192
Bad goes to war. Lost a lot of readers during this story.
156 - 180
Bad develops a time machine that only goes one way through time, and at a rate of 60 seconds per minute. Bad is not an engineer.
143 - 155
Enjoy the argument between the ideals of Creationism versus Evolution, whether you like it or not.
134 - 142
The only two things you can't escape in this life are death and taxes, though you can lead the former on a cross planetary chase.
096 - 133
The Matrix has you, in all of it's pre 1990's glory.
074 - 095
Barno helps Bad's ex-conscience get her new life together...
sounds funny, right?
056 - 073
Bad discovers that a tumor which was removed from his brain was actually his conscience. Hell, it's basically an Appendix anyway, right?
041 - 055
Bad and Gregor try to make extra cash by illegally hauling toxic waist
030 - 040
Gregor throws a barbeque and doesn't invite Bad. Not gonna lie here folks, there's not much to this one.
026 - 029
An undead plague breaks out. Only racial insensitivity can save us now!
014 - 025
Why should the homeless get all the sweet jobs?
001 - 013


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