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Character Roster

Bad Influence Man

The resident bastard of the strip. Chronically unemployed and terminally pissy, Bad constantly wavers between the urge to commit crimes and the urge to not really give a damn.

Fun fact: Bad sustains himself purely on a mixture of alcohol and nicotine

First Appearance: Strip 001


The sometimes hesitant roommate and sidekick of Bad, Barno is the strip's voice of reason, and a small voice at that. Usually good natured, Barno's sunny disposition is often tested by the antics of Bad, as well as some of the rather odd occurrences which seem to befall the pair. How original, hu?

First Appearance: Strip 002

Jenny Tumor

Jenny started life as Bad Influence Man's conscience, but after a lifetime of ignoring her, his body began to physically reject her presence. Once removed from Bad's head, Jenny began a short but spirited campaign of trying to influence Bad's behavior, ultimately leading her to assume her current form. Jenny lives in the apartment above Bad's and swings back and forth between making efforts to cajole Bad into being a better person, and making efforts to cajole herself into pulling her head out of the oven.

First Appearance: Strip 041

PrezBot 3000

The elected lord and master of the country of Us, Prezbot councils the nation during times of duress from the safety of his gold-encrusted podium.


First Appearance: Strip 020 (First mentioned in 016)


Gregor Jones

The neighbor of Bad Influence Man and local butcher man. Often the unfortunate victim of Bad's pranks and habits, Gregor really isn't too fond of Bad. Most of the tenants of the building believe Gregor's going to kill Bad someday, some even speculate he has a detailed plan, and nobody buys hotdogs from Gregor's butcher shop whenever Bad goes missing.

First Appearance: Strip 013

(Legendary Trucker) Nozzlehead

Mystery abounds this giant lumbering lumbering giant. Sporting a giant spout from his forehead and never speaking a word, he's believed to be insane an to possibly have multiple personalities. He's been involved in toxic chemical trafficking, super-villain henching, and the Donnie Osmand fan club.

First Appearance: Strip 035 (Cameo in mob scene in Strip 014)

Freaky Crazy Guy

Grawwka! I stab the monkey stole my bisket! Fingers are money!!! You gonna die from dying dead dead!!! Jesus chasing me monster time, GO!!! AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!

First Appearance: Strip 033

Polly Potemkin

This poor Pollyanna seems to always get the short end of life's many sticks. Always and ever the optimists, Polly is always the first to say that the glass is half full, sadly she's never aware until much too late what it's full of.

First Appearance: Strip 038

The Robot Arms (AKA: your lords and masters)

While masquerading as genius overlords and masterminds, these fools are eternally hatching some type of imbecilic scheme which is ultimately way too complex for the desired pay-off. They are always asserting that they are the superior intelligence, even if they do so at times with broken English. Easy to tip over.

First Appearance: Strip 086



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