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Recent Updates: 10-7: BIM 385, 9-27: BIM 384

9-27-11 - Not dead, just sleeping

Wanted to post to assure people that BIM is not a dead comic. Work on the Guardian is slowly but surely wrapping up, and I hope to soon post a glut of the work I've been engaged in over the last few months once its finished.

4-08-11 - ...Live every week like its shark week...

No real news, just wanted to post this

4-01-11 - Oops, I just remembered I have a website

I know this is quite the comment to post on April Fools day, but it's the truth. I sort of got really sidetracked over the last month and before I knew it half a dozen weeks had past without me updating squat. I'm going to try to make sure this doesn't happen again.

2-13-11 - Love, Hu, good god ya'll, what is it good for...?

Hey everybody, working my butt off trying to wrap up the Guardian. Below is a part of a page I finished last week. Its still probably going to be four months until the primary art is done. Updates will likely remain at once a week with some breaks until then. Sorry everybody.

1-19-11 - Back in the house

After a month down due to a stupid billing confusion issue with the provider company we're back and kicking, here on the other side of 2011. Big things on the horizon for this year. First up is a new series of comics which I'm creating for a local Anime newsletter. Here's a preview

…Yeah, its some dark sh*t…

And yes, I know this joke's been on line for a while, but I wasn't happy with the picture floating around so I made a new one.

12-14-10 - ...And not a creature was stirring...

12-9-10 - Can't buy me Tardis

Just got back from the Hot Shops open house art show. I really enjoyed it, and met some amazing artists, and will soon be posting some links to their sites in the links section. Also, any individuals from the show wishing to purchase prints just send an e-mail with the subject “prints,” also there are still prints avalible at the HotShops through the rest of the month.

11-14-10 – What ever happened to Spaceman Jane?

Big news, I have a showing of some new art pieces (which are partially the blame for my sketchy updates as of late) in Omaha soon. For full details, check it here.


My pieces will be in the gallery until the end of the year. I'll slowly be posting them over the course of the next few months. As I don't yet have a more appropriate place to put them, their going into the Anime Gallery for now.

10-18-10 - Grand New Icon

I think I finally figured out how to implement Favicons for the site. I'm going to experiment with implementing this lil guy in the main page and into the BIM archive section. Hopefully it works!

9-24-10 – ‘Cause every girl's crazy for a sharped dressed ZOMBIE!!!

Howdy all, some news for everyone. First off soon I'll have my home interweb back up (that lightning strike really screwed up the wiring in my building).

Secondly, but way more interestingly, I've done a guest strip for a fun, odd web comic called “Zombie Hood.” These guys have quite a following in the area, and clean up at local shows (kicked my ass anyway), you should check ‘em out.

I will be adding them to my links page soon (There's a weird issue with my copy of it right now), but for now just link to them off the “ZZ Top's Zombie's” image.

(note: Image courtesy of Ian Corrao and Justin DuPont, the creators of Zombie Hood)

6-19-10 - Thunder struck

So I know you guys are probably getting sick of excuses for my spotty updates, but I had moretrouble lately... MY HOUSE WAS STRUCK BY LIGHTNING! Besides some fun with fire shooting out of an outlet, my computer kind of crapped out (two sets of surge protectors and the surge travels up the ethernet cord). Updates will be once a week for the next few, until I get things sorted out on this end.

5-28-10 - Hard Drive's Night

Sorry about the delay in updates, my harddrive caught the click of death. All better now and back on schedule. No harm no foul... 'sept for the fact that all these delays pushed back my 24 parody two plus weeks... It'll still be fresh long after the show's finale, right?

4-16-10 - Not homeless, just lazy

So The Bad Influence Man Show is still alive (as much as it ever was), and now you can show your support by donating to the cause, operators are standing by to take your calls.

4-1-10 - End of an era

I hope you all enjoyed the Bad Influence Man show all these years, thank you all for your loyal readership. Keep the faith, true believers.

The Bad Influence Man Show 2005 - 2010

1-19-10 - Here we go again

Once again I am forced to apologize for the recent once a week updates, hopefully I'll be back to the normal schedule soon.

In actual news, part of my new years resolution was to make one new sketch every week day. I've also been participating for several months now in a 1 hour sketch challenge contest hosted by Lost World of Wonder, a local comic shop. I've begun posting them, and I'll likely be posting most of my sketches soon.


11-9-09 - Back up and running

Sorry about the unscheduled 2 week hiatus, comp probs worse than I had previously thought, but everything should be great now.

10-23-09 - Going Old School

I had a pretty good show at FallCon this year. I did a hell of a lot more networking than I usually do, and other than the usual fatigue I suffer from these events (I actually spent all Monday asleep), it was a great time.

Important notes: first off, having some computer issues lately, so the posts may be down to once a week for hopefully not too long. Also, I did a lot of networking at the con, so I'll probably be posting a lot of links soon, like this one for the artist S.P. Burke.

Burke's comics, “OH GOODIE!” and “NEVER NORMAL” follow the adventures of a boy, a girl, her goth love slave, and their kick-ass band. Lots of fun.


10-2-09 - The Fallcon of Rome

Just completed a second sampler collection for the con circuit. Above is the cover image, I hope to put more random BIM images up soon... I hope for a lot of things. In one week's time I'll be in Minesota for this years FallCon. Hope to see you all there.

9-25-09 - Back to School

Got another link for you all to check out, he's a local with a fun little creepy comic called School

Also, I've finally changed the main page image for the BIM Archive page. The old one was funny until Farrah died, now it's just makes me look like a monster. Stupid stars having to die after a valiant fight against cancer and ruin a fun little joke.Check the new image here.

9-4-09 - The Edge

I realize this is a bit of short notice, but in addition to Fallcon, I'm going to be at the Edge comic-con on the 12th in Edgerton Wisconsin. Sorry I don't have a link to the site, but it's easily found on Google.

8-6-09 - The Man with the Iron Gun

It's official, I'm headin' off to Fallcon for a third wonderful year! Fallcon, for those of you not in the know, is a 2-day comic book convention in the Twin cities, held this year on October 10th and 11th. For more information, check out their website.

I'm working my rump off in the attempts to get some images complete for the con as well as an arse load of commissions, so soon I should have a lot of new image postings for you all, as well as a few additional goodies. Stay tuned.

7-9-09 - Back from the dead and Rollin'

A bunch of news since last time I posted. First off, sorry about the recent downage of the site, there was a error with the billing which has been corrected. In other news I'm getting ready for this years FallCon in the twin cities; I believe it's the second week-end of October, so if your in town then blah blah blah. I've also been playing around with a Web comic archiving system, and if I can figure out how to implement the damn thing then I'll be using it soon on my site.

5-12-09 – Whoopsie crap!

Those of you who check this site regularly probably are aware that I missed two of my recent updates, well my excuse this time is computer switchover issues. My old computer is basically fried, but certain program files aren't loading correctly on the replacement. As I'm having issues with the scanner software, as well as some of my file sharing programs, there may be some more late updates in the weeks ahead. Sorry for this inconvenience.

5-1-09 The Link Warz continue!

In the second volley of the link trades, I present you with another Amerimanga work, this one by the artist Bman. Besides Soul Chaser Betty, Bman also has a great pin-up gallery, and as both are worth checking out, I've posted links to each.

Cyborg trucker is a pal of mine who's blog features some great custom-made gaming miniatures (as well as a maxiature or two).

Finally there's Genre Good Entertainment's The Mathew Haeffel Band, a band I've done some work for in the past. Their sound's hard to pin down, a little acid blues, some Jack Johnson, a pinch of Stevie Ray, and some stuff I just can't seem to pin down. They also host a weekly Wednesday podcast from 9pm to 12am central time, check them out.


4-10-09 Link Warz is on!

After much promise and some outright lying, I've finally begun an aggressive campaign to establish a number of link swaps between my site and many of the amazing Graphic Novelists / Artists across the wonderful mess we call the interweb. In my first volley, I've been able to get two really great artists to swap, and I'm not just paying lipservice when I say you should check these guys out (only the best here, y'all). I highly recommend you check out Dirk Tiede's Manga Paradigm Shift as well as the art of Jake Rueth on CubeCrazy2!.


There will be (hopefully) many more links in the weeks/months to come, so look for them here and on the Links page

Oh, and as for the name Link Warz, I just thought it would be a great name (hell, everyone loves War, right?). I guess I could have used a name like Link-stravaganza, but… Aw hell, that's a much better name. Oh well.

2-12-09 - Valentine's Day Massacre

Man, every year I find a new reason to hate this holiday. I was suppose to hang out with a pal this week-end, but upon remembering that it was Valentine's Day he didn't want to do anything on fear that it might look kinda fruity. Singles of the world, are we going to take this?! Do we have to run and hide under a rock just because this week has two hump days?! This is a travesty; surely this is not what St. Valentine day intended when he drove the Irish into the ocean (or whatever the hell he did). Singles, we have to take this day back! I urge you to go out there and live… Live as God intended you… In resturaunts!

2-2-09 - Someday we'll look back on this, and forget any of it

A few days have passed since my birfday, and I'm feeling a little bit better and a little bit worse (PS: Apparently a hangover can last several days… good to know). It brightens my spirits though to know that we're about to celebrate a holiday dedicated to one of nature's lowliest creatures… the shadow. Rock, rock on!

1-30-09 - Happy Birthday to me

1-5-09 - New years resolution

Hey guys, as you can see I'm again making changes to the layout of the site and the comics. There's likely to be a lot of shifting of format and some growing pains until it's all worked out. I hope you enjoy and please be patient.

12-19-08 - What's the Hawaiian word for “Bleh!”

I'm about to make a number of modifications to the way I present and display “The Bad Influence Man Show.” You may have already noticed that I started putting the mirror Web address in the lower right hand corner of the comic. New soon to come modifications will be a larger display size as well as other modifications. These new updates will be implemented within the next month. Blood!

11-27-08 - Oh eat your damn Turkey!

Doin' the Turkey day thing tomorrow and as such I'm updating early. Sorry about missing last Friday's update, but as sort of a consolation please check out these PrezBot 3000 Blueprints. Just remember that they're top secret, and once your done reading it you'll be expected to burn your eyes.

11-17-08 - Chicken men go better with the great taste if drugs!

Nothin' much to report. In the process of finishing up some Tekumel images and working to try and build something of a back-log of BIM comics. In other news “Muscles and Fights 3” is now finally widely available, so check for it at www.lulu.com/.

10-23-08 - BIM 200!!! Boy, who to thank?

Well, it seems like a big deal anyway. It's also the 30 th month of this website so yeah some more why not. Anyway, for the next couple of weeks I'll be periodically posting two BIM strips on some updates for the duration of the current storyline. Enjoy why not?



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