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You ever have somebody tell you the plot of a movie they just saw, and it seems that they have to be lying because the story their telling is just to ridiculous? Well I've been accused of this sin soooo often that I've decided it's time to bring this game to the masses, and pass the savings on to you.

Here's how it works…

I will write a paragraph roughly describing the plot of a movie that may or may not exist, as well as a “moment of madness,” a sentence or two that will detail one of the more insane moments in the film. You at home must then decide if I'm full of it or not before highlighting region below the “Bullshit or Reel?” to reveal the answer. Hopefully this will be a consistently updated feature on this site, so please check it out often.

Two final things to remember before you continue to the next page. First off, the pictures accompanying the synopses will never be from the movie being presented, but instead from public domain features that can't sue me for their use. Secondly, some of the movies to be presented will feature heavy R rated events, so be fore warned.

…Let the nightmare Begin…



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